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General questions

What is AdVirtus?
How can I register?
What can I do here?
How can I start using the site?
What tools are used by AdVirtus to motivate users to perform tasks and to actively use the site?
How the rating is calculated?
How to control visibility of information about myself?
It is quite easy to cheat here, is not it?
Website translation
How much does it cost for AdVirtus?


How to create tasks?


When I try to register I receive error message.

Mobile version

How to start using the mobile version?
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Task settings


What is the Feed?

Operations with tasks

How to properly compose or select a task?
What is a group of tasks?
How can I edit the task?
How can I change the location of tasks in the calendar?
How can you make an active task being pended?
Can I repeat the already completed tasks?
What kind of tasks are there?
How to create your personal task?
How the tasks from catalog are created?
How to create groups and group tasks?
Can I mark a task from a previous day as completed?

Useful functions

How can I share my progress with others?